The 2nd BioRural Press Release is now available!

The 2nd BioRural Press Release is now available!

The Horizon Europe Project BioRural launches its online Toolkit!

Great news from the Horizon Europe project BioRural: The BioRural Toolkit, an inclusive online platform, has been launched and awaits you to discover its numerous unique features! 

A glimpse of the Toolkit’s features

Dedicated to our mission to connect the dots to unlock the potential of European rural areas towards circular Bioeconomy, our online open stakeholders’ toolkit is designed to follow an open-access user-centred design approach, aiming to serve as an one-stop web-based tool for all bioeconomy things and beyond. Let’s explore it!

Besides these interesting features that are already available to the public, several Toolkit features are currently under development , aiming to provide a 360 degree Bioeconomy platform. These include: online tutorials, Practice abstracts, Business blueprints, Policy & research guidelines, as well as outcomes of capacity building workshops in factsheets and audio-visual content are underway. 

Advancing Bioeconomy through Knowledge-Exchange

The BioRural toolkit offers visitors the opportunity to discover:

  • The European Rural Bioeconomy Network with an interactive map of the identified members of the network
  • Factsheets of the rural Bioeconomy current status at national level
  • Bioeconomy inventories of selected research results, commercial bio-based solutions and funding opportunities
  • The-so-far 8 identified BioRural success stories’ main characteristics, combined with captivating audiovisual material
  • A Biomass geoportal that shows the theoretical availability of a range of feedstocks

 Α series of online knowledge-exchange workshops that aim to equip you with the tools to positively impact our planet. In these workshops, experts of each field share experiences, insights and lessons learnt, covering multiple Bioeconomy themes. So far, online workshops on Biochemicals & Biomaterials and on Aquatic Systems have been successfully conducted with numerous participations and the recordings can be accessed via the official BioRural YouTube Channel

Upcoming: Our knowledge exchange workshops on Agriculture & Food, on February 14-16, 2024, Forestry & Habitats, on March 11-15, 2024 and Bioenergy, on April 15-19, 2024. Find more information and register here.

Bringing bioeconomy in European rural areas

Recognising the need to think local and act global, BioRural partners join forces to organise 42 workshops in selected rural areas of 14 European countries, promising to boost the adoption of biobased innovative solutions in inland biological feedstock, aquaculture and biobased businesses and services!  More than 15 national workshops have been successfully conducted  in rural areas of Greece, Spain, Lithuania, Denmark and Portugal, bringing together local Bioeconomy stakeholders, from farmers and students to Local & Regional Authorities, aiming to open the way to a circular economy at a local level. 

Tune in to the BioRural social media and visit our website for more information and updates on our upcoming workshops and activities towards accelerating biobased solutions integration in European rural areas!

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