Latvia’s State Forests

Where: Latvia 
Who: LVM
Bioeconomy theme: Forestry/natural habitats, Food/ agriculture, Aquatic/water systems, Bioenergy, Biomaterials

Latvijas valsts meži (LVM) is a join stock company, owned by the state. It is managing ~1.6 million ha of forests (is is about half of the country’s forests or quarter of the country’s area).

What does “Latvia’s State Forests” aim to achieve:

The overall strategic objective of LVM is to implement the sustainable (economically profitable, environmentally friendly, socially responsible) management of the state’s strategic assets, including state forest property, and the development of the necessary infrastructure, services and knowledge.
Specific strategic objectives are: • Increase long-term profit and ensure positive cash flow from economic activity • Increase the value of the company’s managed assets and tree stands • To be a stable and predictable partner for its customers, suppliers and service providers, to develop a customer-oriented attitude • Promote and develop production of high added value products, services and knowledge • Develop a work environment that increases employee loyalty and unlocks self-motivation • Promote public participation and cooperation in forest management; • To be a responsible and reliable member of society • To create a gentle attitude of society towards the forest environment • To increase the contribution of managed forests to the mitigation of global climate change and the use of renewable resources • Provide natural diversity and recreation services from the forest ecosystem.