What does “Uses debris from forest management for thermal and electrical energy production at a community level” aim to achieve:

Typical examples of the SCIVEN clients are municipalities and hotels, in rural areas, with indoor swimming pools (25 m long by 20 m wide, or smaller). The solution provided by SCIVEN allows the substitution of fossil fuels based heating installations by biomass based Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions, preferably fed with wood ships made from the debris generated by the previous mentioned activities.
Beyond the environmental benefits, with a complete decarbonization of the thermal energy production process and a non-despicable reduction of the primary energy consumption, and the very relevant economical savings, that can go up to 70% in the thermal energy and 50% in the electrical energy. Raised awareness among the rural communities of those benefits is endorsing the populations, either through the local political council’s or small NGO, to actively participate in the forest fuel and agroforestry debris management.