Bioplastics by NP

Where: France
Who: NaturePlast (NP)
Bioeconomy theme: Biomaterials

NaturePlast (NP), created in 2007 is located in Caen, Normandy. It is currently composed of a team of 15 people. Its laboratory, BioPolynov, created in 2010, is specialized in R&D work on bioplastics.

What does “Bioplastics by NP” aim to achieve:

Recognized in France and in Europe in the trade of biobased and/or biodegradable plastics, NP guides industries in customized projects of substitution or innovation in the field of bioplastics.
NP’s missions are:
Service: Training, techno-economic study and project engineering
R&D: Customised formulations, characterisation, optimisation of material properties
By-products: Grinding, micronisation and sieving
Distribution: raw materials and compounds
NP works with many sectors such as agriculture, packaging, paper, luxury goods, cosmetics and many others related to plastics activities.
In Biorural project, NP is a case study for biobased solution in Normandy and will share its experience.
NP designs and produces bio-based and biodegradable polymers (bioplastics). NP develops more than 200 new formulations per year based on polymers produced from first generation biomass like sugars and starch extracted from cereals or sugar cane, but also from wastes or by-products of several industrial activities. Since 2015, NP treats by-products from different industrial activities (fishing – seashells, algae, etc.; agriculture – cereals, vegetables, fruits, etc.; or food processing – shells, pits, etc.) to prepare them to be used in the plastic industry as fillers or raw material. Building the whole value chain has been the biggest challenge as well as the need to highlight environmental and economic performance and relevancy of by-products recovery.