Press Release: InCommon organises the first Bioeconomy workshop in Greece

Press Release: InCommon organises the first Bioeconomy workshop in Greece

First National Workshop in Greece: The sustainability of rural areas in Karditsa in the era of the climate crisis

A practical workshop that aims to find sustainable solutions for the rural areas of Karditsa through the presentation of good practices and applied circular bio-economy solutions is organized by incommon on Thursday, November 16, 10.00-14.00 (Kierion Hotel) in the context of the European BioRural project.

The recent floods in the area of Karditsa have caused serious damages in the local crops and the secondary production. In order to address these and other climate crisis-related challenges, workshop participants are invited to share experiences and design innovative solutions based on the values of the circular economy in order to secure long-term resilience of the local rural region.

For this purpose, ventures from the circular bio-economy sector will be presented, as well as bio-based technologies and practices for the strengthening of agricultural activities that will lead to optimizing processes, reducing costs and minimizing the environmental impact. The participants will propose circular ways to support the primary and secondary sector of the region to become more resilient to the climate crisis. Additionally, they will be offered the opportunity to participate in similar European workshops and competitions and claim prizes by presenting the ideas that will arise from this local workshop.

The workshop of the 16th of November is addressed to a wide audience, including local actors, institutions and professionals from the bioeconomy field, such as producers, farmers, processors of raw materials, researchers and academics, technology/industry providers, energy cooperatives, policy makers and government officials, representatives of the local and regional authorities, entrepreneurship consultants, etc.

Event details

Date: Thursday 16/11/2023 | Time: 10:00 – 14:00 | Location: “Kierion” Hotel, Karditsa

The workshop is organized with the support of the Energy Cooperative Company of Karditsa (ESEK SYN.PE) and the Social Cooperative Oxygen of Agrafa.

About the BioRural project:

The workshop is organized within the BioRural project, funded by the Horizon Europe programme. BioRural seeks to promote already existing small-scale innovative solutions and to strengthen the bio-economy in European rural areas, such as Karditsa. To this end, BioRural has identified successful examples and good practices and shares this knowledge through a European Rural Bioeconomy Network and its online toolbox.

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