Country: Lithuania

Survey to end-users and experts Leader, organiser of LT workshops

Contact person
Rasa Pakeltienė


VMU is a comprehensive university devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, research, arts and innovation, and fostering critical thinking, imaginative response as well as the desire and capacity for lifelong learning of its students who will have an impact on the world, locally and globally.

The main strength of research at VMU is our ability to respond to an increasingly globalised and competitive landscape prompting the dynamic formation of new research priorities and facilitating ongoing improvements in research performance at both national and international level. VMU has been engaged as a partner and coordinator in various Horizon 2020, Jean Monnet, COST, Erasmus+ and NordPlus programmes, as well as research projects within the Global Grant and Smart Specialisation programmes conducted by the Research Council of Lithuania and the European Structural Fund. It is a leading university in the fields of Humanities, Arts, Social and Biomedical Sciences and is currently conducting about 100 projects in the fields of biotechnology, biophysics, technology law, education, sociology, philosophy, computational linguistics, language acquisition and bilingualism, creative industries,agriculture, rural development and others.