Green Growth Platform

Country: Republic of North Macedonia

Organizer of NMK workshops

Contact person
Natasha Ristovska


Green Growth Platform (GGP) is a non-governmental organization that aims to empower the concept of green growth in all segments of the national and regional economies.

GGP is focused on three main pillars: agriculture and rural development, environment and innovations. All three pillars are based on two horizontal dimensions: sustainability and EU compliance. GGP has specific competencies in large scale piloting, education and training, complex analysis (policy, industry), business and investment modeling. Extensive knowledge and experience are in the area of agro technology (digital agriculture, sustainable agriculture, agricultural economics), agribusiness, bio-based industry, rural policy, climate change and biodiversity, food systems and circular economy. GGP has expertise in developing and executing innovation, research and education projects funded by different programs and donors (H2020, Erasmus+, UN-FAO, Visegrad Funds, and local funds).