What is it?

Biorural Toolkit

BioRural Toolkit is an online repository of bio-based solutions that enables the interaction between rural actors and provides the ground for wider application of bio-based solutions in rural areas allowing the transitions of rural areas from linear economy to circular bio-based economy.

European Rural Bioeconomy Network (ERBN)

BioRural aims to create a network of actors playing different roles for Bioeconomy expansion in rural areas. 4 regional Rural Bioeconomy Platforms (RBPs) have been formed by splitting Europe in 4 geographic quartiles, creating regional hubs of neighboring countries and synthesizing 1 pan-European Rural Bioeconomy Network (ERBN) by combining all 4 RBPs.


• Information gap analysis
• Knowledge exchange workshops
• BioRural Toolkit


• 4 regional Rural Bioeconomy Platforms
• Circular success stories
• Synergies with previous and ongoing innovative bio-economy projects
• Capacity building and regional workshops, Bioeconomy challenge

Business Models

• Business model blueprints for each theme
• Post-project sustainability

The Toolkit Integrates various levels of information into available small-scale bio-based solutions in rural areas. scientific papers and reports.

Scientific publications & reports

Research projects

Policy guidelines

Legislation and financing

In-kind initiatives related to bio-based solutions

For whom


Rural Areas' actors

farmers, fishermen, foresters, bioenergy producers, biorefineries

Policy makers

at EU, national, regional, local level

Rural citizens

What to find in BioRural Toolkit


of the rural Bioeconomy current status at national, regional and EU level

An inventory

of selected research results (papers and projects), commercial bio-based solutions and funding opportunities

An interactive map

of the identified ERBN members

Success stories

combined with audio-visual material

policy and reasearch


Knowledge sharing

workshops recordings


of capacity building workshops in factsheets and audio-visual content

Practice abstracts

Short summaries of BioRural’s practical learnings


Business model blueprints for each Bioeconomy Theme

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