BioRural National Workshops: Making an Impact in Greek Rural Areas

BioRural National Workshops: Making an Impact in Greek Rural Areas

The BioRural updates continue, with two out of three planned workshops taking place in rural areas in Greece, in November and December 2023! So far, the first national workshop was held in Karditsa, on November 16th, focused on Inland biological feedstock, while the second one, was held in Ptolemaida and Kozani, on 13 & 14 December 2023, drawing attention to the Biobased industries and services. Let’s take a closer look at the activities of these two innovative workshops! 

Unlocking the potential of Inland biological feedstock

The long anticipated first Greek workshop was held in a Greek rural area in the central part of Greece, Karditsa, organised by our partner InCommOn-Innovative Communities with the support of the Energy Cooperative Company of Karditsa (ESEK SYN PE) and the Social Cooperative Oxygen of Agrafa. Farmers, researchers, technology providers, entrepreneurship consultants, policy makers, members of the Municipal and Regional Authorities, as well as Local and Regional companies operating in waste management, members of Energy Cooperatives and stakeholders of the bioeconomy sector had the opportunity to join the event and contribute to the redesign of  the production system of inland biological feedstock, incorporating the values and practices of the circular economy. All participants were divided into small groups where each one of them had to describe the linear system of the product that was selected and suggest alternative innovative solutions that align with the principles of circular economy. The groups presented their ideas and the most innovative practices that were generated through the workshop, showcasing the significance of the circular economy at environmental, economic and social level for the rural area of Karditsa.

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Shaping a sustainable and circular future in a 2-day workshop 

Held on 13-14 December, the second Greek workshop on Biobased industries and services, took place in West Macedonia, Greece, in the rural areas of Ptolemaida and Kozani, gathering local and regional stakeholders from diverse backgrounds. This 2-day event was organised by our Coordinating Organisation, Institute for Bio-economy and Agri-technology iBO/CERTH. Eager to learn more about this successful event? Keep scrolling!

During day 1 in Ptolemaida:

The event focused on helping participants to understand and engage with the bioeconomy terminology and activation of the circular bioeconomy workforce in West Macedonia. Keynote speakers from the Bioloc Project, BioRural and BIOTRANSFORM projects shared their insights, perspectives and lessons learned, while a Biobased Initiative Lab, organised by the Bioloc Project took place. 

During day 2 in Kozani:

During the second day of the Biobased businesses & services workshop, participants got to know BioRural and its mission, learnt more about the application of circular bioeconomy practices, while also familiarising with the concept & function of Social Cooperatives. Our success story Staramaki, a Social Cooperatives from the rural area of Kilkis, was also present. The Staramaki team presented its innovation and explained how it utilises the by-product of local wheat cultivation, to create a viable eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic straws and at the same time create employment opportunities for vulnerable groups of people, promote social cohesion, as well as local and regional development. The workshop concluded in a great atmosphere, with the participants engaging in an interactive workshop on biobased businesses & services, where they shared innovative ideas, based on the principles of circularity and bioeconomy!

Thank you all for your participation and engagement & InCommOn and Institute for Bio-economy and Agri-technology iBO/CERTH for organising these events – Looking forward to the 3rd national workshop dedicated to aquatic biological feedstock expected in early 2024!

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