BioRural creates new synergies!

BioRural creates new synergies!

BioRural continues to create opportunities for collaboration and exchange of knowledge with projects around Bioeconomy, strengthening its network!

Creating synergies means creating opportunities

At BioRural, we are committed to creating a sustainable and thriving bioeconomy by fostering collaborations and networking within the industry. We are excited to share some recent developments that highlight our efforts in building new synergies and promoting the circular bioeconomy.

April 2023

In April, our project coordinator Centre for Research & Technology Hellas initiated a connection with the Horizon Europe Biomodel4Regions project through its partner, APRE – Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea. This collaboration aimed to explore innovative areas for future co-creation within the bioeconomy sector. Biomodel4Regions shares our vision for a sustainable circular bioeconomy and presents a fantastic opportunity for knowledge exchange and growth.

In another exciting development, our coordinator, Centre for Research & Technology Hellas, engaged in a fruitful collaboration with the CEE2ACT Project, led by Geonardo Environmental Technologies. The CEE2ACT Project is dedicated to empowering Central and Eastern European countries to develop circular bioeconomy strategies, aligning perfectly with BioRural’s goal and vision. Together, we are determined to accelerate the adoption of the bioeconomy in Europe by sharing knowledge and outcomes.

May 2023

BioRural’s participation at the EXPOBIOMASA fair on 9-11 May, was a fantastic opportunity for networking and establishing synergies. The event brought together 29 inspiring initiatives, including our sister projects: SCALE-UP project, AgroFossilFree Project, BIOTRANSFORM project, ROBIN project, and MainstreamBIO Project. This gathering reinforced our commitment to collaborative efforts in propelling the bioeconomy forward, while boosting our synergy with our sister projects.

In late May, BioRural was hosted by VEGEPOLYS VALLEY, a competitiveness cluster uniting firms, research, and training centers in the plant field, in Angers, France. This meeting provided us with valuable insights into VEGEPOLYS VALLEY’s success stories and introduced us to the HempCluB project. We also had the pleasure of reconnecting with our sister projects in the bioeconomy sector, RuralBioUp, and SCALE-UP project!

June 2023

Continuing our commitment to networking, in June, our partner Green Growth Platform e-met with the SDEWES Centre – North Macedonia section (SDEWES – Skopje) to strengthen the synergy between BioRural and the SCALE-UP project in North Macedonia. This exciting collaboration opens up new opportunities for growth and development in the region!

At BioRural, we believe that collaboration and networking are essential for driving progress in the circular bioeconomy. Through our efforts in establishing new synergies and partnerships, we remain steadfast in our mission to create a sustainable and prosperous bioeconomy for the future.Stay tuned for more updates on our journey towards a circular bioeconomy!

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