BioRural at a glance

BioRural at a glance

Are you curious about how BioRural aims to accelerate circular bio-based solution integration in European rural areas?

Let’s have go through BioRural at a glance:

Although numbers might bring confusion, in this case unravel a brief story that says it all: Throughout its 3-year duration, full of ideas and activities, 19 partners coming from 14 countries across all Europe are willing to do their best and provide endless opportunities to increase the share of the Bioeconomy chain!

As we deep dive in this journey, success stories of bio-based solutions will be integrated in the project, complementing the initial 8 success stories that have been identified so far in several European countries. These, have s special meaning for this project, as they demonstrate the vision behind an idea; once the idea is innovative and can be put into action, it is transformed into a marketable product, always devoted to the Bioeconomy principles. This is what makes an idea successful!

Looking forward to taking you with us along this journey! Stay tuned!

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