Success Stories

BioRural seeks to promote currently available small-scale bio-based solutions with a view to strengthen Bioeconomy in European rural areas. To this purpose, BioRural has identified the following “success stories” (covering all Bioeconomy Themes) coming from all 4 geographic quartiles in Europe in which the BioRural consortium operates.

The objective

BioRural’s goal is to create a European Rural Bioeconomy Network to promote small-scale bio-based solutions in rural areas and to increase the share of the Bioeconomy

Specific objectives

  • Evaluate the current status of the European Bioeconomy
  • Identify factors affecting innovation adoption and diffusion of bio-based solutions
  • Create a European rural Bioeconomy network
  • Assess and promote bio-based solutions in rural areas
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange and capacity building for the rural Bioeconomy
  • Develop and continuously optimise an online open stakeholders’ tool (BioRural Toolkit)
  • Create rural development blueprints for Bioeconomy businesses from conception to scale


BioRural is centered on three pillars that feed into a publicly available BioRural Toolkit


• Information gap analysis
• Knowledge exchange workshops
• BioRural Toolkit


• 4 regional Rural Bioeconomy Platforms
• Circular success stories
• Synergies with previous and ongoing innovative bio-economy projects
• Capacity building and regional workshops, Bioeconomy challenge

Business Models

• Business model blueprints for each theme
• Post-project sustainability

Latest News

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